You won’t relent




my sweet sister

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We love you Happy Birthday!!!  May all your dreams come true!!


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Her Boys

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Her boys are talented… they have turn out to become two hardworking loving men… the are loving and protective of their momma bear!

For My Sister

A Birthday wish from Hallmark:

Today I celebrate you…

a woman who’s independent yet sensitive to the needs of others,

who’s strong in her convictions and yet rises above circumstances

to accept things she cannot change with wisdom and grace.

Today I celebrate you…

a woman who is honest and straightforward,

who’s always willing to listen yet never pretends to have all the answers,

a woman who shares kindness when comfort is called for,

a gentle smile when it’s needed most.

Today I celebrate you…

a woman with a gift for caring,

who can brighten a day just by being herself,

a sister who means so much to me.

Happy Birthday!


bebito… the baby of the family, she is sweet, smart, sassy and sooo beautiful!  her smile lights up a room =)… she is the most loyal friend and sports fan…. patriots all the way!!   loves to sing… music is her life =))